AI-powered Restaurant Operations

Expo supercharges your restaurant teams with AI - giving instant answers you need to take action and grow your bottom line.

AI that analyzes data for you

100% of operators are sick of reports

Expo sits on top of your existing data sources and provides actionable solutions.

“In a matter of literally weeks of rolling this out, we started to make an improvement in our gross profit margin. I expect to get at least 50 bps of improvement in our prime costs with Expo, and I think that’s a very conservative view.”

Joel Aaseby, CEO of Viking Restaurants and former CFO of Heartland Food

Save your team hours of wasted time

Happier employees retain better. Let them focus on serving customers, not staring at spreadsheets.
What normally would have taken hours, now takes seconds.

AI will change your business

Ken Hoffman, COO
On how Expo drives 60 bps and reduced turnover by 30%.
"There's not another system out there that gives you the solution to the problem"
Joel Aaseby, CEO
On how Expo drives 50 bps to Viking Restaurants.
"It's extremely easy to implement. It takes virtually no effort on the part of the franchisee."
Matthew Lau, CTO (Popeyes)
On how Expo drive 50 bps to IRMG with 160 stores in 40 states.
"Expo acts as an area coach."
Troy Hennen, Director of Ops (Burger King)
On how Expo drives 40 bps of PLV to his 26 Burger Kings.
"It's a huge time saver."

Frequently Asked Questions

What POS/software do you work with?

We are completely agnostic. There is no rip and replace with Expo. We sit on top of your existing software stack by creating a data warehouse from all your sources, and our AI analyzes all of it, in one dashboard.

How long does it take to get set up?

Depending on your tech stack, it could take as little as 4 weeks to get up and running. We can work with APIs, SFTP, CSVs and just about any other acronym. Our job is to normalize all of it, so you can make sense of it.

How much do you charge?

It depends. We have clients with hundreds of restaurants and clients with ten restaurants. There is a one-time setup fee and a monthly fee per location.

Will AI put me out of a job?

No, AI will help you do your job more efficiently and better. Think of it as an assistant manager that does the work you don't want to do, and does it really, really fast. It helps bring your attention to the important things that can move the needle., so you can work smarter not harder.

Is this too good to be true?

Even though it looks like black magic, we can guarantee you, it is very real. But we realize that seeing is believing, so let us prove it do you by scheduling a demo with our team.

Turn your data into dollars and sense today.