Find out how much money you're leaving on the table

We use AI to help identify opportunities for massive cost savings and missed sales opportunities to grow your bottom line.

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“In a matter of literally weeks of rolling this out, we started to make an improvement in our gross profit margin.”

Joel Aaseby, CEO of Viking Restaurants and former CFO of Heartland Food

Stop Wasting Money

Is your team is giving away ketchup or napkins or using too many gloves? Expo has saved our customers thousands in waste reduction alone by identifying opportunities to train better.

Control Your Labor Costs

Are you spending money on scheduling staff when you don't actually need them? Expo tells you when to avoid overstaffing.

Increase Sales Opportunities

Expo helps customers increase top line revenue. This store was missing out on over $11K in drink sales a year. Using Expo, they were able to create a culture of competition and trained their employees to sell more drinks. 

Avoid Bad Apples

Some people have to pay for expensive cameras to make sure their employees aren’t stealing from them. We use data to prevent losses and theft, because nobody wants someone they can't trust on their team.

Case Study

Learn how Expo helped to drive sales and profitability by making data more accessible to their front lines.
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