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We help operators reduce their blind spots at a store level and give your leaders direction to know what to focus on.

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Store Level
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Employee Turnover

Gain visibility into which of your stores is losing more people compared to others or are unable to fill vacant positions quickly enough. Help district managers identify which GMs need help the most.
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Missed Sales Targets

Empower district managers to stay on top of which stores are behind on sales and may need additional training. Compare which regions are performing better than others at a corporate sales level. 
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Increased Delivery Times

Identify which locations are struggling with delivery times and need attention to improve throughput and quality of service.
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Optimized Scheduling

Base your employee schedules on real-time sales forecasts so you aren't caught under or over-scheduling your team members.
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Before Expo, restaurants had to build and maintain data warehouses themselves and use generic visualization tools not built for the restaurant industry. Unlock flexibility with out of the box integrations for common systems and powerful, robust APIs and ETLs to harness all your data.
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Synchronize your corporate goals with operations. Expo is the only solution that integrates all finance, budgets, HR and operational data into one easy-to-use dashboard that ensures everyone from executive to manager is on the same page.
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Free your finance teams from maintaining and explaining repetitive reports and enable them with complex ML driven insights. Expo automates it all. Save thousands of hours on root cause analysis and give your managers the ability to focus on what they do best.
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Operators constantly on the move. Managers are busy putting out fires and dealing with people, they are rarely sitting at a desk on a laptop. That's why Expo was designed with mobility in mind, with all of your data instantly available on your smartphone.
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Expo’s simple interface is built for restaurants. No training required. Companies use Expo everyday to run meetings, coach 1:1, write schedules, and solve real world problems to drive more efficiency and profits.
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“Managing the technology for multiple brands and systems can be overwhelming. With Expo, we are able to integrate various systems into one simple dashboard. Whether it’s sales rankings, loss prevention, employee turnover, food costing or bun projections. We save massive amounts of time by getting the numbers that matter most to our business.”

Matthew Lau, CTO of IRMG (International Restaurant Management Group)

Case Study

Learn how Expo helped to drive sales and profitability by making data more accessible to their front lines.
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ex·po /ˈekspō/ 

An expeditor (expo) ensures a steady workflow throughout the various departments of a restaurant.